Seo tips for Blogger

Hey fellow Bloggers! Have you ever wondered Why no one is reading your blog?
Maybe you are new to blogging
Maybe you've been blogging for a decade! Whatever it is..
YOU! are here! Because you want to learn about optimising your blog for the search engines and you want to build your readership.

Now search engine optimization how to guide is here to help you get through all these problems.

Things to note:
  1. This guide is generally written for blogspot users however the mentioned context may be applied on the other blog hosting platform as well. 
  2. You must have little knowledge of Html Coding 
  3. Must be familiar with the Google search engine and Blogger interface if possible. 
If you appreciate the blood sweat and tears that I put into this guide manual..
Find them useful.. Just like our facebook or G+ it that's all we need from you.
If you have any information or feedback that you would like to share do drop us an message at our contact me page. Lets learn together!

P.S.This page will be updated every now and then.. Topic forecasted may not be published in sequence..
My writing routine is very different from others. I don't fix a day to publish articles.
I will only write when I have the inspiration.

Mr Durian's Secret Manual

:SEO with Blogger:

Chapter 1: Know Your Fundamentals The really Basic 

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